Growing Wild Greenhouse - Flowering hanging baskets and plant rentals in Idaho
Growing Wild Greenhouse - Flowering hanging baskets and plant rentals in Idaho

Hanging Baskets and Plant Rentals

Based near Eagle, Idaho, Growing Wild Greenhouse specializes in colorful hanging baskets and containers grown with sustainability and environmental impact in mind. Growing Wild also provides short-term plant rentals to the Boise area for weddings and other events!

Find our plants at Madeline George Garden Design & Nursery and the Eagle Saturday Market. More Treasure Valley locations coming soon!


Growing Wild Greenhouse Plant Rentals - Palm fronds and Sansevieria

Plant Rentals

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Growing Wild offers short-term plant rentals for your wedding, corporate event, or home staging. We deliver, install, and pick up at your event location!

Hanging baskets grown by Growing Wild Greenhouse

Hanging Baskets & More

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Growing Wild Greenhouse grows colorful hanging baskets, containers, and pouches as well as hard-to-find annuals in 4″ and 6″ pots. Custom baskets available!

Growing Wild Greenhouse - Colorful plants and foliage for rent

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Growing Wild Greenhouse is growing green. (In many ways!)

Growing Wild Greenhouse is committed to using less plastic, less water, and more recycled materials for our hanging baskets and rental plants. Our locally produced plants don’t have to travel far, resulting in less emissions and lower transport costs. Here’s just a few of the ways we’re growing beautiful, healthy flowers and foliage without filling landfills. Our plants make a big impact with a small footprint!

Less Waste

Growing Wild uses Earthpots, which are 100% biodegradable fabric sleeves filled with high-quality soil. Not only do these pots result in plants with healthier roots and no transplant shock, they keep thousands of plastic pots out of landfills!

Less Plastic

We use Fiber Grow and Western Pulp for our hanging baskets and containers. These eco-friendly options are more attractive than plastic, wax permeated for long life and strength, and divert waste fiber from landfills or incineration.

Good Plastic

Our Flower Pouches are not only an innovative way to add flowers to your home, they’re made with recycled materials and are oxo-degradable. Flower pouches also use less planting medium and are great for holding moisture–perfect for saving water in our arid climate!

Upcycled Materials

We built our sturdy potting benches using rescued pallets.

We’re also cutting down on energy use by using heat transfer from our compost. Healthy soil + less natural gas = win-win!

What about pesticides?

The presence of greenhouse insects are monitored closely and treated with minimal chemical agents. Growing Wild Greenhouse is implementing a biological control system to manage any unwanted pests that may damage the plants.

Biological control systems use living organisms that are natural enemies to the pest at large, decreasing the need for chemical pesticides. When necessary, we choose to use a biodegradable insecticidal soap that is a safe, effective alternative to toxic chemical insecticides.

Shop Growing Wild Greenhouse's Flowers and Plant Rentals

Flowers: hanging baskets, containers, and pouches. We’re starting seeds and growing out beautiful plugs and liners to fill our vibrant flowering offerings. We expect to have baskets and more available starting late April/early May (weather dependent). Check out our Flowers page to learn more about what sets Growing Wild’s baskets apart.

Plant rentals: Our rental plants are available now! You can contact us to learn about the full availability and to get a quote for your event. We’ll be expanding our selection throughout the rest of the winter and into spring! Our Plant Rental page is a great place to start deciding if rental foliage is right for your event.

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Located at Madeline George Garden Design & Nursery: 10550 W Hill Rd Pkwy, Boise, ID. 83714

Growing Wild Greenhouse offers healthy, sustainably grown flowering annuals to add color and beauty to your home. We also offer short term rentals of our ferns, palms, trees, and foliage for weddings and other events in the Treasure Valley area.

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