Meet Diane Panetta

Creator and Founder of Growing Wild Greenhouse

With a long work history buried in plant material, I created Growing Wild to offer customers the beauty and unique character only healthy plants can provide.

In 2015, tired of the same big-box store, mass-produced selection sold to the public, I got lost in the pages of numerous seed catalogs, “ooohing” and “ahhing” at varieties I had never heard of, let alone grown. While living in a small Colorado ski town, with an extremely short 52-day growing season, I knew my options were extremely limited, and my small studio apartment windows, lined with seed trays, were not going to cut it.

In 2017, after a lot of prayer, time and research, I moved to Boise to pursue my greenhouse dreams, along with a longer growing season and a milder climate.

Landing a job with the wonderful people at Madeline George Garden Design Nursery, I also found ground to lease for my very own greenhouse. The 30′ x 45′ structure was completed in January 2018, and immediately went on to heat and house thousands of plants in its first year. With a few seasons under our belt, growing and selling at local pop-ups, and the Eagle Saturday Market, Growing Wild transitioned into a wholesale greenhouse. Specializing in interior tropical foliage and flowers, Growing Wild also offers a unique, short-term plant rental service to the public.

Plants have the innate ability to transform a space, create an ambiance, and affect our moods. I believe that every space is enhanced by plants, and everyone should have access to their beauty, whether indoors, or out. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my plants with you this season!

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Growing Wild Greenhouse offers healthy, live plants available for short-term rental and wholesale purchase. Let us show you how a little green can go a long way!