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About Growing Wild Greenhouse

Welcome and thanks for visiting! With a long work history buried in plant material, I created Growing Wild to offer customers the beauty and character only healthy plants can provide.

In 2015, tired of the same big-box store, mass produced selection sold to the public, I got lost in the pages of  numerous seed catalogs, “ooohing” and “ahhing” at varities I had never heard of, let alone grown. Everything in me wanted to share this unique beauty with my community, and let them know there was more to life than petunias and pansies (even though I still love and use them)!

While living in a small Colorado ski town, with an extremely short 52 day growing season, I knew my new seedlings would have a tough road ahead. I didn’t own a greenhouse, and lived in a studio apartment with only a few windows allowing in the limited winter sun. But I couldn’t shake the notion. I thought about it a lot, and prayed about it even more. The words, “Start with what you’ve got.” spoke clearly to me one night, and so I did. My bedroom became my greenhouse and my flowers found their way to the local farmer’s market and feed store.

Our greenhouse mascot in our rental ferns
planting up baskets

I moved to the Boise area in February, 2017 to pursue a longer growing season, a milder climate, and a growing space larger than my studio apartment.  Landing a job with the wonderful people at Madeline George Garden Design Nursery, I also found room for my very own greenhouse.

Plants have the innate ability to transform a space, create an ambiance, and affect our moods. In addition to selling flowering baskets and containers, Growing Wild is also offering a unique plant rental service.

Our wide variety of annuals, flowering baskets and containers, and flower pouches will be available this spring at Madeline George Garden Design & Nursery and the Eagle Saturday Market. Growing Wild’s selection of rental plants is ever-growing (literally!) and booking is now available for all your 2018 events.


I look forward to meeting you and sharing my plants with you this season!


~ Diane Panetta





Flowering Hanging Baskets, Containers, and Pouches

Without a healthy planet, we cannot have healthy plants. Growing with sustainability in mind, I’m looking forward to introducing customers to a large selection of annuals they may not be likely to find elsewhere, and sharing my passion and joy with them.

Plant Rentals for Weddings and Events

Through my years of experience, I’ve learned that although most people appreciate the finer plant elements in life, not everyone has the desire, or correct thumb color to care for them properly. I look forward to offering a large variety of plants to help create the scene you have envisioned. A little green can go a long way, and my plants and I are excited to help!

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Located at Madeline George Garden Design & Nursery: 10550 W Hill Rd Pkwy, Boise, ID. 83714

Growing Wild Greenhouse offers healthy, sustainably grown flowering annuals to add color and beauty to your home. We also offer short term rentals of our ferns, palms, trees, and foliage for weddings and other events in the Treasure Valley area.

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